Production Notes

Jan. 12th -Meeting with Louisville Arcade Expo for March conference & film pass.

Jan. 16th -Meeting with Jon & Antz Weiting of Zanzabar to film weekly Friday Rouge League tournaments

Jan 18th -Interviews with Rouge League players for filmed interviews.

Jan. 22nd -Film interview of lady pinballers Dorris & Libby. game shot between Ed Lutz and Dorris.

Jan. 29th -Film Interview of Joshua. Dorris filmed.

Jan. 30th -meeting with Louisville Arcade Expo producers.

Feb. 13th - Filmed tournament at Zanzabar.

Feb. 20th -Zanzabar tournament. Interview Kate & Steven. film of Kate's first game.

Feb. 24th -meeting with Louisville Pinball Expo founders

Feb 27th -Zanzabar Tournement

March 6-8 Louisville Arcade Expo/PAPA tournament

March 6th -Friday-2pm-2am PAPA interviews. Bob Mathews Interview. Overview.

March 7th-Saturday- 12pm-2am Player interviews. Rouge League interviews. Tournament.

March 8th- Sunday- Rougue interviews. Close Ups/Overviews.

March 13th- Rougue League at Zanzabar.

March 14th- Interview at Ed Lutz shop.

March 20 & 21 - Follow ups/cut aways

March 27 - Rogue League March championship

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